Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Equality, Part III

Now… how is banning certain people from receiving certain perks promoting equality? I fail to see why homeschoolers should be excluded from some scholarships. I also fail to see why we dither so much about “race.” So what if people are different colors? Their personal worth is exactly the same. And why do we call it race? There’s only one race: the human race, which we are all a part of. To make delineations between African-American and Caucasian, Native American and Mexican is artificial. We have been told for too long that our skin color matters, so we segregate ourselves without realizing it.

Unfortunately, the government certainly isn’t helping in this department. With all the affirmative action and the special privileges for minorities, the government has only succeeded in making those minorities dependent. It’s probably intentional, which makes it all the more despicable. In essence, the government is telling these people that they can’t make it on their own. According to the government, they need clubs and special rights and the like to be able to do things. What could possibly be more debasing?

I’m not trying to compare my civil privileges—or lack thereof—as a homeschooler with those of minorities; far from it. I know that my situation is far removed from theirs. However, the underlying problem is the same. We, as human beings, are sinful. Therefore, we don’t like people who aren’t like us. We like conformity. We don’t like to stick out from a crowd, and similarly, we don’t like others to stick out from a crowd. When somebody is a little brighter or prettier or faster than we are, we’re envious of them. When someone is a little dimmer or uglier or slower than we are, we look down on them. When someone is just plain different, we ostracize them because… well, they’re different. And being different like that just might be catching. For America's sake, I hope it is.

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  1. Man after reading this I'd think you'd really like Deus Ex, and what it has to say about powerful governments.


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