Friday, July 9, 2010


Here's a random though wich just popped into my mind:
It seems that today there are many, many people who don't properly understand government. (including myself sometimes...) I was thinking that maybe this stems from the fact that nowdays most children in public, private and homeschools are taught mostly American history (and some only classical Roman and Greek histories - almost as bad). Both my parents were only taught American history themselves.

I think that from studying only our government and not seeing other governments and their mistakes (e.x. the French Revolution) people have never fully come to understand our government. This has also led to a generation of ungratefuls who complain about the American government. Although our government has it's problems, like everything in this sin-cursed world, our country has been blessed with the best government ever invented, and some of the best leaders of all time. I really saw all this myself after the last year in school - studying the time form 500 A.D. to the 1800's. It was interesting to see the French and American revolutions paralleled, and the many other forms of government and how that affects the world today.

That's just a random thought for you... I'm not a government or education specialist, so this might not all be true - just wanted to share that with you.

- Ellie

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