Wednesday, December 23, 2009


*Disclaimer*: I am not an anarchist. I believe that government is necessary to keep people safe. However, too much government is almost as bad as no government. Thus, I wrote the following poem, which is titled "Freedom". Metrically, it's a total mess, but oh well. I'll write something more put together and post it when (if) I have time.


The Government’s like desperate Hunters
who look for bigger Game
and hardly care whose snowy Fields
they chance to shoot it in.

The Animals have been so long
without a proper Mind
that now they see the blatant Wrong
of Hunters as if right.

The Hunters started out their spree
with poaching, Quietly.

The Animals like Prayer in School
and Equal Rights for All—
the Hunters shot them first, from distance
so that they couldn’t scream.

The Bill of Rights was next to go.
He honked as he went down
as if to warn the rest
who watched their keepers die.

And then the Freedom of the People
died with little fanfare
along with Strict Constructionism
or any constructionism

because the Constitution died
not long after Freedom.
The People were so ignorant
they couldn’t have cared less.

But far above the other Beasts
there was one set apart.
It thought and spoke and acted
without the Government.

It was the Freedom of the Mind
and it still stayed alive.
Even when the others fell,
it alone survived.

It stayed alive because it is
the hardest to restrict.
Of all the Beasts that ever were
it’s hardest to predict.

The whim of Mind is impossible
for politicians to fathom.
Hence the reason they fear and hate it
more than anything else.

Therefore, to think, to speak, to act,
to Be, without reproach
is verily the greatest Beast
the Government would poach.

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